How To Choose the Best Network Storage for a Mac/PC Home

Network-attached storage options are more abundant than ever, but jumping into the copious bush of NAS can be quite a task, especially if you want a system that plays nice with both PC and Mac. Macs have historically been an unreasonably complex challenge for many networking products, and NAS was no exception. Here… » 10/23/08 12:00pm 10/23/08 12:00pm

Time Machine on Airport Extreme is an Unsupported Feature, Might Go Away in the Future

OS X Leopard's Time Machine works on Airport Extreme routers as of the last firmware update, but TidBITS found out directly from Apple that it's an "unsupported feature." What does this mean to you, the guy who wants to use Time Machine on the Extreme you purchased last year instead of shelling out a couple hundred… » 4/07/08 6:45pm 4/07/08 6:45pm

Dealzmodo: 500GB Western Digital Hard Drive for $100, a Sign of Things to Come?

Buy.com has the 500GB Western Digital Elements external hard drive for $100 shipped, marked down from $140. (Around the web, this drive sells for $115-$140.) Now that Time Machine is compatible with any hard drive networked to an Airport Extreme, some of you might be interested in picking up something. This is the… » 3/20/08 5:16pm 3/20/08 5:16pm

How-To: Use Time Machine with an AirPort Extreme

We happen to use an 802.11n AirPort Extreme as our router, so we put today's new firmware upgrade to the test to see if TIme Machine really does do networked backup to an AirPort Disk. In case you're wondering, AirPort Express never supported AirDisk, so it won't do Time Machine over the network—our testing confirmed… » 3/19/08 9:51pm 3/19/08 9:51pm

Apple Time Capsule Server for Wireless Time Machine Backups

Click to viewAt Macworld 2008, Apple just announced Time Capsule, a full Airport Extreme base station with 802.11n wireless and four Ethernet ports, plus server grade hard drives to back up all of the Leopard Macs in the house. Did we call this or what? OK, minus the leopard spots, that is. Yes, all signs suggested… » 1/15/08 12:03pm 1/15/08 12:03pm

Apple to Make Networking Easier with RFID Tags

Setting up a wireless network is pretty easy (for most of us), but Apple wants to simplify the process even further by putting RFID transceivers into wireless base stations, like the AirPort Express or AirPort Extreme. All network info (like encryption keys and SSID info) would be stored in the base station. Devices… » 3/08/07 8:14am 3/08/07 8:14am

Apple AirPort Extreme 802.11n Naked, Maybe Shamed

The guys at AppleInsider thought they would beat the system by pre-ordering the new AirPort Extreme with its supersonic N and other goodness the day of MacWorld. Turns out, it was quicker to just walk to an Apple Store and snag it in person than to wait for the mail guy. However, shipments to the stores have been… » 2/04/07 10:30am 2/04/07 10:30am