Here’s the Plan to Fly Missile-Packed Blimps Over Your Home

Upstart Virginia aerospace firm Mav6 is offering to install guided missiles on the massive, robotic spy blimp it's building for the Air Force. The idea would only be slightly terrifying, if the massive airship was headed to Afghanistan, as originally planned. But Mav6 and its CEO, a respected retired Air Force… »5/03/12 7:43am5/03/12 7:43am


Can CO2 Worries and Rising Oil Costs Make Airships Popular Again?

With soaring fuel costs and greenhouse gas concerns, zeppelins might get their second chance to be a relevant mode of transportation. According to the New York Times, several countries are now looking into developing dirigibles for transporting things such as sightseers, postal deliveries and scientific payloads.… »7/05/08 7:00pm7/05/08 7:00pm

'Manned Cloud' Airship, Around the World in Three Days

While I try to quell thoughts of "Oh, the humanity," take a look at another fanciful attempt to bring back the glory days of the Zeppelin airships. This one is called the Manned Cloud, and can fly fast enough to take a round trip around the globe in three days. The 1640-square-foot craft, whose French designers say… »12/24/07 2:33am12/24/07 2:33am

Strato Cruiser Airship, Floating Along Without Wings or Reality

The rich are different from you and me, so maybe they'll have time to ride in this Strato Cruiser Airship, sitting back and getting pedicures while this helium-lifted carbon fiber blimp lumbers along. The design concept calls for spectacular restaurants inside staffed by star chefs, a spa, private suites, office… »10/09/07 12:30pm10/09/07 12:30pm