The Best Google+ Feature Yet: Remote YouTube Parties

You might not always enjoy them, but YouTube parties are inevitable, and can actually be great fun. Copying one of the smaller features of Airtime, Google is now offering its users the ability to watch YouTube videos in sync with each other via Google+, so you needn't leave your desk to obsessively watch cat videos… » 6/15/12 4:37am 6/15/12 4:37am

Airtime Is Just Chatroulette Without the Dicks

Airtime is a new startup by Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning (of Napster fame) that recycles an old idea: Chatroulette. Yep, that random video chatting dickfest invented by some Russian teenager has seemingly been redressed in tailored suits and landscaped beards and is totally going to change the world. Joke. It's… » 6/05/12 12:56pm 6/05/12 12:56pm