Airwolf Helicopter Replica Doesn't Come With Jan-Michael Vincent

Do you still mourn the day the networks took Airwolf off the air for good? Does the thought of flying through the cool mountain skies of the California wilderness, your trusty Bluetick Coonhound Tet at you side, excite you to no end? Me neither (city slicker, present), but that doesn't mean this Airwolf helicopter… »5/17/08 10:30am5/17/08 10:30am


Working Airwolf Helmet On Ebay: Demand Is Through the Roof

Remember Airwolf? Probably not. However, there are probably tens, if not dozens of Airwolf fans out there—and any one of them would love to get their hands on one of these 26 fully functional helmet replicas up for sale on Ebay. Each helmet features a functional LED targeting bar, speed visor, electronic switches, and… »10/09/07 8:10pm10/09/07 8:10pm