Opera 9.5 Mobile Browser About to Get Commercial Release

The latest Opera Mobile Browser, version 9.5, has just been previewed in time for GSMA 2008. The new version tries to be more like a desktop browser and adds a full text history search, allowing you to find pages you forgot to bookmark previously. Flash gets a look in too, since Flash Lite 3.0 support is included.… » 2/05/08 6:29am 2/05/08 6:29am

Soonr Lets You Remotely Access Your Desktop from the iPhone

Unlike VNC clients where you actually control the desktop from the iPhone, Soonr is offering a web-based AJAX web app that lets you access parts of your desktop instead. What's better about this approach is that the UI is customized for the iPhone display, so there's little scrolling around to find the thing you want. » 7/23/07 6:30pm 7/23/07 6:30pm

No iPhone SDK Means No Killer iPhone Apps

Click to viewAccording to Apple, "no software developer kit is required for the iPhone." However, the truth is that the lack of an SDK means that there won't be a killer application for the iPhone. It also means the iPhone's potential as an amazing computing and communication platform will never be realized. And… » 6/12/07 1:00pm 6/12/07 1:00pm

YouOS: Wha?

I love lots of heavy Ajax stuff as much as the next guy, but this is crazy. It's essentially a web-based OS with lots of little sub-prgrams and all kinds of UI cred. It's such a good idea you can almost smell Google's heady musk wafting under the door. Just signed up for a full account—password didn't come yet—but the… » 6/08/06 2:35pm 6/08/06 2:35pm