Oh my God, idiot geniuses jump started a car with an AK-47

Filed in things you now know are possible but should probably never try in your lifetime unless your life depended on it but maybe still shouldn't: jump starting a dead car battery with an AK-47. Yes, you can do that. Watch these insane Iraqi soldiers use the metal of the AK-47 to bridge the two batteries. Metal… »12/03/13 11:54pm12/03/13 11:54pm

An Underwater Bullet In Super Slo-Mo Is Breathtakingly Beautiful

You may remember our friend Destin at Smarter Every Day shooting an AK-47 underwater. It was a cool experiment, but the pressure caused the aquarium to shatter, ruining what we now know would have been an amazing shot. To solve this problem, he built a sort of reverse-periscope for a Phantom camera and shot the AK-47… »7/23/13 2:37am7/23/13 2:37am

High Speed Footage Reveals an AK-47 Works Even Better Under Water

The AK-47 can be considered the Timex watch of the gun world. It takes a licking, and keeps on ticking, except that by ticking we of course mean firing round after round of ammunition. The automatic machine gun is based on a gas recoil system that uses the hot expanding gases of a bullet being fired to automatically… »6/24/13 10:36am6/24/13 10:36am

AK-47 Paper Gun Model Kit, for Terrorizing Paper Dolls

The AK-47 assault rifle is probably the most popular weapon in the world, so much so that it's been made into lamps by designer Philippe Starck, gold plated by Saddam Hussein, and there's even a Hello Kitty edition. Now you can build yourself a perfectly harmless replica of the beloved killing machine with this AK-47… »12/19/07 9:32am12/19/07 9:32am