Akimbo Execs Hit Eject, Shutter Company For Good

The polymorphous life of Akimbo came to an abrupt end this week, as the embattled video-on-demand turned white label video service was shut down for good. The surprising move went down just four months after Akimbo was given an additional $4 million to fund its video services venture. Now the extra cash will go… » 5/25/08 8:00pm 5/25/08 8:00pm

All Giz Wants: The Netflix Set-Top Box

I, for one, am sick of having to get up off my ass to get new movies to watch. Sure, it's gotten easier since the days that had me driving to the video store to rent a movie (remember video stores? How quaint.), but it's not easy enough. I still need to mail movies back to Netflix and wait a few days for the next film… » 12/12/06 3:34pm 12/12/06 3:34pm

Akimbo Gets a Nice Loan, Might Live to See Another Day

Akimbo, if you recall, is a broadband video download company that has been in and out of hot water for quite some time now. Well the good news is that they haven't completely died because of a nice donation care of Cisco and AT&T. How nice of a donation? $15 million nice. In agreement Akimbo will provide the content… » 6/27/06 3:31pm 6/27/06 3:31pm