Did Al Gore Invent the Internet?

Anytime someone online writes about internet history, the comments inevitably fill up with jokes about Al Gore. There's a popular myth that Gore once claimed to have invented the internet, which means many people think that "Al Gore" works as both a set-up and a punchline. What these jokesters might be surprised to… » 10/18/13 2:09pm 10/18/13 2:09pm

Who Would You Nominate for the Internet Hall of Fame?

The Internet Society is currently taking nominations for 2014 inductees to the Internet Hall of Fame. They're searching worldwide for people in three categories: Pioneers, Innovators, and Global Connectors. The nomination form is even open to the public. So who would you nominate? » 10/17/13 5:22pm 10/17/13 5:22pm

Al Gore Thinks TV Networks Are Destroying Civic Involvement in the U.S.

Despite running a cable channel of his own, Al Gore thinks that TV networks at large wield too much power as gatekeepers of news and areruining civic involvement in the U.S. » 6/22/11 2:43pm 6/22/11 2:43pm

Our Choice for iPad and iPhone

While the iPad has ramped up my of internet reading considerably, I still prefer to tackle books in their physical form, largely because there's no real advantage to reading them on the tablet. Our Choice, the latest volley in Al Gore's noble crusade for climate change, is evidence that when crafted with care,… » 4/28/11 6:00pm 4/28/11 6:00pm

Remainders - Things We Didn't Post

Baby Gets Hit By Train, Strolls Away...There's a Hole In My Heart That Can Only Be Filled By—Stem Cells?...Beware Bobbies Bearing BlackBerries...Science Figures Out Why We Break Out Bubbly » 10/16/09 11:00pm 10/16/09 11:00pm

Near-Supersonic Gulfstream 650 Unveiled, Steve Jobs Gets Excited

The new Gulfstream 650 was unveiled yesterday at their Savannah factory. Yes Steve Jobs, yes Al Gore, yes Kevin Rose, this one can take you anywhere in the world with its 7,000 nautical miles range at a top speed of Mach 0.925 (704mph,) almost the speed of sound at a 41,000-feet altitude. You and your 99,600-pound… » 3/14/08 10:30am 3/14/08 10:30am

His Royal Steveness a Late Entry for 2007's Best-Dressed Lists

Dear Steve, I knew you could do it— get away from that zen-inspired "one single look means one minute in the closet" sartorial philosophy. But a shirt and tie? Oh, my son, you look positively ravishing. Look how the silver tie brings out the distinguished saltiness of your hair, puts a ruddy fairness in your cheeks, … » 12/11/07 6:16am 12/11/07 6:16am

Hackers Fox Al Gore by Hacking into An Inconvenient Truth Website

Oh dear, poor The Al Gore. The Nobel Prize Laureate, internet inventor and husband of Tipper has had his website hacked. His blog for An Inconvenient Truth is now selling Viagra, Valium, Zovirax and Xanax. » 11/27/07 7:32am 11/27/07 7:32am

Speaking of Al Gore, we just read that the veep-turned-eco-warrior won't make it to the upcoming nuptials of Google co-founder Larry Page and his betrothed, the very lucky Lucy Southworth. Gore will be off in Oslo picking up his prize, but he does hope to video-conference in to the reception. You tried, Larry, but… » 11/14/07 9:40am 11/14/07 9:40am

21-Green-Gadget Salute to Al Gore, Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize today. The former vice prez was honored for his tireless efforts to let everyone know that climate change is real and that we should all be pretty damned scared about it. We certainly are, but we've been thinking the sky is falling for the past couple of decades at least. Anyway, to… » 10/12/07 12:20pm 10/12/07 12:20pm

New Audiobooks From iTunes Store Won't Play on iPods; Lazy People Weep

Too-busy-to-read (or slackass) bibliophiles are in for a surprise if they grab Al Gore's latest account of his hunt for Manbearpig from the iTunes Store. Apple has confirmed that The Assault on Reason, as well as a number of other new books released on the iTunes Store will not play on iPods, though they will in… » 5/29/07 11:45am 5/29/07 11:45am