This Abandoned House Unfolds Into a Theater For 100

This red-sided house, rotting on a quiet street of York, Alabama, was once a symbol of the town’s struggle with blight. But over the past two years, with the help of the citizens who invited him there, artist Matthew Mazzotta has disassembled the abandoned structure and rebuilt it—as a tiny home that unfolds into an… »8/12/13 12:43pm8/12/13 12:43pm

Is This That Thing You Lost In the Tornado? This Lady Found It.

After the surviving the tornado that ripped through Tuscaloosa, Birmingham and the rest of Alabama on Wednesday night, Patty Bullion began to notice random photos and documents washing up in her front yard. Figuring they belonged to somebody, she began posting them in a public Facebook group to see if anybody would… »4/29/11 8:03pm4/29/11 8:03pm

Latest Developing Area to Buy OLPC Laptops: Alabama

It's fantastic to see that all of OLPC's potential is being brought home to our own developing corner of the world, Alabama. Kids in grades 1-8 in Birmingham—15,000 of 'em—will receive XO laptops. Rumor has it Mississippi, Kentucky and West Virgina are also looking, and we can't think of better places to send 'em. [… »11/13/07 5:40pm11/13/07 5:40pm