The real reason behind Alan Rickman's shocked face in Die Hard

Little known fact about Alan Rickman in Die Hard: For his dead scene he agreed to fall onto an airbag 25 feet (7.62 meters) below on the count of three. Except the director and the stunt people thought they would get a better reaction if they dropped him on the count of "one." They were right. His face is priceless. »12/03/14 7:42pm12/03/14 7:42pm


This short with Alan Rickman just destroyed one of my childhood memories

I don't know if the short Dust—written and directed by Ben Ockrent and Jake Russell—is a fairy tale or a horror tale. Let's just say that I didn't expect the end at all. This is very disturbing but worth watching, and not only because I love Alan Rickman in the role of... of... you just watch and see. »8/20/14 7:43pm8/20/14 7:43pm