A Projection Clock That Automatically Adjusts To a Room's Lighting

By now most of us probably solely rely on our smartphones to wake us in the morning, but with their screens off it's not easy to quickly glance at the time in the middle of the night. So keeping an alarm clock on your bedside table isn't a completely antiquated idea, particularly if it's able to project the time onto… » 2/27/14 5:00pm 2/27/14 5:00pm

Withings Aura: An Alarm Clock That Helps You Wake Up and Fall Asleep

Designing an electronic device to wake someone up is easy—it just needs a clock and suitably loud speaker. But designing a device that wakes someone up gently so they're not a tyrant in the morning, and helps them get to sleep at night? That's a challenge that Withings tackled with its new Aura bedside system that uses … » 1/05/14 6:00pm 1/05/14 6:00pm

An Alarm Clock With a Feature You Actually Need: USB Ports

It's a hard pill for the alarm clock industry to swallow, but the fact of the matter is that we don't really need them anymore. Smartphones have been reliably waking us up for years now, and they do so much more. So kudos to the folks at Idea International for finding the perfect feature that keeps this bedside alarm… » 8/16/13 12:40pm 8/16/13 12:40pm

Arcade Alarm Clock: The Konami Code Won't Buy You More Shuteye

It might have given you invincibility or unlimited ammo on the countless games that acknowledged it, but sadly the Konami code won't buy you a single second of extra sleep on this custom Xronos alarm clock. But the large scoreboard-like LED display and use of authentic console buttons will have you wondering if you… » 5/15/13 4:40pm 5/15/13 4:40pm

Want To Snooze? This Annoying Alarm Clock Makes You Sink a Putt First

It's been a while since we've stumbled across an alarm clock that uses some annoying gimmick to ensure you get out of bed in the morning. But this $17 mini golf game trapped inside a plastic dome might actually be a less rage-inducing way to start your day. » 2/21/13 11:40am 2/21/13 11:40am

If You Need a Gimmicky Gadget Alarm Clock You're a Horrible Subhuman

Oh, cool, an alarm clock shaped like R2-D2 that will roll around your room and play Star Wars music to pry you out of bed. If you need this, you're lazy scum who doesn't deserve the job you're late for. » 8/27/12 6:20pm 8/27/12 6:20pm

This Is the Alarm Clock Droid You're Looking For (At a Price You…

This isn't the first R2-D2-themed alarm clock to grace these pages, but serious collectors (and serious sleepers) might want to take note of this iteration. Made from the highly detailed and accurate moulds used to churn out R2-D2 plastic models, this astromech alarm clock plays a symphony of Star Wars themes and rolls … » 8/27/12 2:00pm 8/27/12 2:00pm

Dart Silenced Alarm Clock Is A Great Excuse To Sleep With a Nerf Gun…

The whole 'shoot to silence' alarm clock idea has been done to death by now. But Hasbro has managed to eek out one more worthy of mention with its new Nerf-branded Shoot To Snooze alarm clock which requires groggy users to nail it with a foam dart or disk in order to silence its morning wails. » 8/10/12 8:47am 8/10/12 8:47am

Nothing Will Get You Out Of Bed Quicker Than a Roaring Wookiee Alarm…

An annoying electronic beep or the awful pop music played by your local radio station might help you roll out of bed in the morning. But if you really want to spring from your slumber, the roar of a Wookiee alarm clock and the fear of having your arms torn off could be even more effective. » 7/21/12 1:00pm 7/21/12 1:00pm