That Smell of French Fries Is from the Engines, Not the Guy in Seat 36B

Mention "biofuel" and the average American driver will likely only think of a car that perpetually smells of Burger King. But, these fuels are making quick inroads to the aviation industry—both Alaska and United Airlines have announced today that some flights' fuel supplies include non-petroleum alternatives. »11/07/11 10:40pm11/07/11 10:40pm

Alaska Airlines and Row 44 Planning First U.S. Satellite-Based In-Air Wi-Fi

It looks like the first U.S. carrier to offer in-flight Wi-Fi using a satellite-based setup will be Alaska Airlines, which plans to roll the service out to its entire fleet by 2009, pending the results of a monthlong test this spring. Using Row 44's satellite system instead of an air-to-ground one, a la Virgin America… »9/18/07 6:15am9/18/07 6:15am