Where does gold come from and can we just make our own?

Where does gold come from? The answer: space, basically. Supernovae, specifically. Alchemy, sort of. So gold doesn’t actually originate from the core of Earth but actually from a star explosion that showers the universe with debris and well, gold. That means there’s not that much of it actually on Earth (all the gold… »10/10/15 5:00pm10/10/15 5:00pm


Beautiful short film uses alchemy to tell a touching story about life

The Alchemist’s Letter by Carlos Stevens is a beautifully animated short film about a father’s letter to his son. It’s imaginative and touching and worth the watch just for the visuals alone. The story progresses through a machine that turns memories into gold and you get to see wonderful little worlds pop up in the… »4/26/15 1:26am4/26/15 1:26am

Making this 24 carrot gold cake is pure alchemy

One of the reasons I desperately want to time travel is to blow the minds of people in the past with just the simplest of things today. Imagine going back hundreds of years and baking this gold 24 'carrot' cake. With a few drops of food coloring and a few edible gold leaf sheets, I'd be hailed as the greatest… »3/25/15 4:55pm3/25/15 4:55pm

Meet the Man Who Decodes the Ancient Secrets of Alchemy

Even the most amazing accomplishments of modern-day science will never be able to hold a candle to the impossible powers promised by alchemy. It never delivered, but old-school alchemists weren't discouraged by failure, and now a new-school alchemist is taking a look back to figure out what the hell they were doing… »7/01/13 10:06am7/01/13 10:06am

Cashmere and Alchemy: The New Heart of Windows Mobile (and Maybe More), Not a Ladies' Soap Store

Mary Jo Foley has a twofer on the new Embedded Compact core of Windows Mobile: Cashmere, if released, would add FlashLite and better gesture support, while Alchemy is a new shell component that would bring "richer UI scenarios" through native access to Silverlight, meaning flicking, panning and zoomzooming. »5/27/09 10:25am5/27/09 10:25am