Scientists Engineered Mutant Worms That Can't Get Drunk

A team of researchers in Texas recently did something extraordinary. They made a genetic tweak to worms' brains that made it impossible for them to get drunk. More specifically, the scientists modified the worms' genes so that a molecular channel that binds alcohol to their brains would no longer work. And humans have… »7/15/14 6:51pm7/15/14 6:51pm

Shot-Glass Printing Bot, Darko-Like Rabbit, Molten Beer Bong Turn Up at Roboexotica "Cocktail Robotics" Convention

Apparently the science of cocktail robotics was woefully neglected until some enterprising alkies created Roboexotica, a convention to celebrate cyber-assisted drunkenness. The action is taking place this weekend in Vienna, and from the looks of the opening night pictures, things are still as academic as they were… »11/23/07 10:02am11/23/07 10:02am

Booze in Tubes to Revolutionize High School Parties Everywhere

Do you like fruity alcoholic beverages that allow you to get wasted without ever really tasting the booze in your drinks? Are you a functional alcoholic on the go? Good news! GO Wodka is a new line of fruity hooch that comes packaged in portable, toothpaste-like tubes. No one will suspect that you're actually sucking… »9/06/07 12:45pm9/06/07 12:45pm

Beer Tap Backpack: What Not to Wear to an Intervention

Be the most popular player on your rec softball team next summer with this Beer Tap Backpack. Perfect for alcoholics, functional alcoholics, and college students, it loads up with beer and allows your friends and family to drink refreshingly warm and flat brew via the tap strapped to your back. It even has a mesh… »12/22/06 2:20pm12/22/06 2:20pm