19th Century New York Was Covered in an Insane Web of Telephone Wires

Alexander Graham Bell may have invented the telephone in 1875, but the first phone installation didn't come about for another three years. And that's what makes these photos from 1887 so incredible; this tangled mass of telephone wires had already wound itself around New York City's streets just seven years after that… » 3/01/14 3:30pm 3/01/14 3:30pm

Alexander Graham Bell's Failed Flying Machine Reborn As a Floating City

In 1899, the inventor of the telephone set out to solve another problem: The airplane. He failed miserably. Really, really miserably. But this summer, a team of architects and engineers have resurrected his 106-year-old design for a flying machine for a very different purpose: As a model for floating, solar-powered… » 8/15/13 3:01pm 8/15/13 3:01pm

Listen To Alexander Graham Bell Introduce Himself From 100 Years Ago

It's not often you get to hear with the 19th century sounded like, but thanks to 3D scanning and old wax cylinders, it's possible. And now, for the very first time, we know what Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the all-important telephone, might have sounded like when he made that historic call. » 4/25/13 10:19am 4/25/13 10:19am

Alexander Graham Bell Sure Did Love the Tetrahedrals

Alexander Graham Bell. Genius. Father of the telephone. Hardcore tetrahedral nut. Our friends at Oobject have assembled 12 of his best pyramid-shaped wonders.
When you get through here, check out these famous laboratories, these nine odd Edison inventions, and these 15 myths about the founding fathers' inventions. » 12/12/11 9:40pm 12/12/11 9:40pm