Alienware's 11-Inch M11x Netbook Getting Core i7 Upgrade Next Month?

Courtesy of a Dell representative who let a little too much information loose in a video interview with Shufflegazine, we now know that its gaming arm Alienware is readying an Intel Core i7 netbook next month. » 5/24/10 5:47am 5/24/10 5:47am

Alienware M11x Review: Gaming's New Featherweight Division

Dell's promise: that the Alienware M11x is the "most powerful 11-inch gaming laptop" around. And they're right! It's hard to imagine packing much more oomph into such a portable frame. Then again, there's a reason Muggsey Bogues never won MVP. » 3/29/10 4:00pm 3/29/10 4:00pm

Alienware M11x Available for Preorder Now, Shipping March 1

Just a few hours after the M11x specs first leaked, Dell has put its high-powered ultraportable gaming notebook on its website for pre-order. It starts at $799, and will ship on March 1. » 2/01/10 4:27pm 2/01/10 4:27pm

Alienware M11x Specs and Price Leaked With a Few Surprises

We were quite taken with the M11x when we got some hands-on time with it at CES, and while newly leaked info on the gaming ultraportable aren't exactly what we expected, they don't at all dampen the excitement. » 2/01/10 3:19pm 2/01/10 3:19pm

Alienware's M11x Gaming "Netbook" Will Cost $800

What do you get when you mix a dedicated GPU, 50FPS Crysis gaming, A Core2Duo, an 11-inch screen, and a $800 price tag? An absurd(ly powerful) little laptop, which nobody—and apparently Alienware—is comfortable calling a netbook. » 1/28/10 6:19pm 1/28/10 6:19pm

Dell Alienware M11X Is Their First Ultraportable Gaming Netbook

Alienware no longer means "bulky gaming PC." Dell's new Alienware has an 11 inch display and looks like a netbook! Update: We got a hands-on. » 1/07/10 12:02pm 1/07/10 12:02pm