Slimmer, Hotter Aliph Jawbone 2 Bluetooth Headset Gets FCC'd

Aliph's Jawbone is one of the least obnoxious, if a squee bulkier, Bluetooth headsets out there. Its hotter younger sister just popped up on the FCC, and looks to be under two cm wide, losing a fair bit of the original Jawbone's girth. Even though the earclip's not in this shot, the manual shows that it's still got… » 4/10/08 1:23pm 4/10/08 1:23pm

Limited Edition Jawbone Headsets Look Incredible

The default Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth headsets already look quite stylish for a Bluetooth headset, but these Yves Behar-created limited edition sets beat his originals by quite a bit. The white, brown and black headsets are smooth, unlike the pock-marked original design, and represent trash talk, sweet talk and dirty… » 2/28/08 6:00pm 2/28/08 6:00pm

Jawbone Short Features Bikinis, Bros and Maybe a Headset or Something

Aliph is pushing its fancy-schmancy Jawbone Bluetooth headset with a series of web shorts centered around the product, including the above one, entitled "Boo Boo." It involves a sexy lady in a bikini, three really annoying dudes and a surprise ending that's pretty satisfying. I'm not going to be running out and buying… » 1/30/08 2:25pm 1/30/08 2:25pm

Aliph Jawbone Gallery: Sexy AND Functional

It's not every day that a headset looks good (definitely) and works well (supposedly). The Jawbone Bluetooth headset from Aliph, available now from Cingular for $120, looks better than most BT headsets we've used over the years. As for how well it works—its noise cancellation and vibration detection functions most… » 12/22/06 8:00pm 12/22/06 8:00pm