All Giz Wants: A Google Set Top Box That Doesn't Suck

Google's upcoming set top box has great pedigree: It's Android-based OS, Sony and Intel are building the guts and design and Logitech doing what Logitech does best (input devices). So please, please, please don't screw this up. » 3/18/10 4:40pm 3/18/10 4:40pm

It's Time For One Data Plan to Rule All Our Gadgets

If you buy a 3G iPad, you'll be able to purchase data, month by month, from AT&T. Neat! But you already pay for unlimited data access on your iPhone, also from AT&T. So why not have one plan, for everything? » 3/15/10 10:00am 3/15/10 10:00am

Toys and Games To Buy Smart Kids Whose Parents You Actually Like

Here they are, 10 toys and games painstakingly selected for coolness and/or inoffensiveness (plus two of the worst ideas), running the gamut in age range and price. Pick through, and you'll find something nice for the brainy little snot. » 12/02/09 3:20pm 12/02/09 3:20pm

Gizmodo's Guide to Other Gift Guides

The swirling vortex of postmodern metacommentary has all led down to this: Our Gift Guide to Other People's Gift Guides. How do you approach Bob Vila's earnest recommendations for household handymen, or OK!'s abstinence-vampire-centric guide for Twilight fanatics? Follow me! » 12/01/09 10:00pm 12/01/09 10:00pm

Gifts For Pervs Who Like Like Gadgets

Everyone knows a Quagmire or a Masuka that enjoys their gadgets as much as they enjoy themselves—or rather, they enjoy using their gadgets TO enjoy themselves. This is for them, or for you, if you're buying under an alias. » 11/27/09 5:00pm 11/27/09 5:00pm

Gifts for Design Lovers and Jon Ive Wannabees

I go through the world marveling at the objects around us—from lamp posts to toothbrushes to buildings to sailboats—looking for details, craftsmanship, function, beauty, and purpose. If you know someone nutters like that, here are some gift ideas: » 11/26/09 10:00pm 11/26/09 10:00pm

Gifts For Space Explorers Who Swing Among the Stars

Hey you, Ground Controls and Major Toms orbiting out there! If you're a space aficionado or know someone who'd like to blast into the cosmos, it's time to take your protein pills. Here's the definitive go/no-go holiday gift list. » 11/24/09 5:20pm 11/24/09 5:20pm