SolarPalm: Free Energy PC

Palm hacker Allen Wong caught our attention last year with his Palm Pilot Notebook, and now his sights are set on designing a greener version. Wong's SolarPalm is essentially a solar powered Palm TX. While its 312mhz speed won't set the world on fire, this shows how coupling efficient solar energy with low power… » 2/03/08 6:00pm 2/03/08 6:00pm

Palm Foleo vs. DIY Palm Pilot Notebook

This week Palm announced the Foleo, an ultraportable Smartphone companion laptop. The January 2007 issue of Make shows you how to take a hardcover book and turn it into an ultraportable laptop by embedding a Palm Pilot and keyboard. The designer, Allen Wong, even powered it with AAA batteries that last for days. How… » 6/01/07 9:16pm 6/01/07 9:16pm