Doctors Ease Peanut Allergies in Tiny Test You Shouldn't Try at Home

To a nut-allergic person, a peanut is a little grenade of discomfort and danger. So a small study published this week, showing that kids with severe peanut allergies can increase their tolerance through gradual exposure, is great news for allergic children and their caretakers. Just please, don't try this technique at… » 1/31/14 11:20am 1/31/14 11:20am

Lifemax Sneezer Beam Annihilates Your Allergies With Light

You want to know what snake oil smells like? Take a whiff of the Lifemax Sneezer beam. Oh wait—you can't because your nose is stuffed up. Well, I suggest taking some Allegra because I hardly think cramming two light beam rods up your nose that use "dual-wavelength phototherapy" will do much to relieve congestion,… » 11/12/08 1:30pm 11/12/08 1:30pm

Japanese Nose Mask Pit Saves You From Allergies, Talking Normally

Are your allergies so severe that a Claritin has no effect? The Japanese have a solution, and it involves shoving round pieces of plastic up your nose to block out allergens. It may seem unorthodox, but as the lady at the clinic keeps telling me, prevention is much more effective than cures. We'll stick to pills,… » 4/29/08 5:20pm 4/29/08 5:20pm

British Woman is Allergic to "Modern Technology"

Man, and you thought your peanut allergy sucked. A woman in Britain is allergic to cell phones— and computers, microwaves, and some cars. She claims to be allergic to "modern technology," but it seems that it could be more accurately be described as a reaction to the electromagnetic field put out by many devices. When… » 3/21/07 6:20pm 3/21/07 6:20pm