The World's Biggest Telescope Is Finally (Really) Complete

Though the massive 66-antenna ALMA array in Chile's Atacama desert has been online since last October when the last of its 54, 12-meter radios was installed, the system has only been operating at a fraction of its potential resolution. But with the delicate delivery of 12 additional 7-meter radio dishes—the last of… »6/16/14 2:20pm6/16/14 2:20pm

You Can Explore These Remote Astronomical Observatories on Street View

By nature, astronomical observatories have to be remote—far away from humans and cities and light pollution. That makes these extraordinary facilities difficult to visit, unless you've got Google Street View. Three of Chile's most remote observatories are now open to the digital tourist, and we've found you some of… »6/10/14 5:40pm6/10/14 5:40pm

A Gaseous Umbilical Cord Ties Mother Stars to Baby Planets

Something never quite added up in the conventional model of solar system formation. It dictates that planets are formed from the accretion disc around a young star, but it also dictates that a star continues to feed off the same material as it grows and matures. So how to both bodies grow using a limited supply of… »1/03/13 8:20pm1/03/13 8:20pm