Giant BBQ Grill Trailer: Electronics and Pork Make a Great Combination

Some men build skyscrapers. Some men build pyramids. And some men, really, really great men, build gigantic BBQ trailers. The winner of Crutchfield's "You Dream It We'll Help You Build It" contest, Michael Seville took his late father's 10-foot long galvanized propane tank and mounted it as the chief component of this… »10/23/08 11:45am10/23/08 11:45am

Alpine IDA-X100 iPod Headunit: Cool UI, Tags HD Radio Songs for iTunes Purchase

The Basics: Alpine's IDA-X100 is a foreign affair coming stateside in the spring. Not only does the 2.2-inch touchscreen mime the iPod's UI, but it has Bluetooth audio streaming, a USB port for memory stick audio playback, HD/Sat radio readiness, a "Tag and Sync" function that allows for keying of HD radio songs for… »12/31/07 11:40am12/31/07 11:40am

Alpine PND-K3MSN GPS: Same Old MSN Data, Some New Tricks

The Skinny: Alpine's entire 2008 catalog was just leaked, and this is their MSN navigator with the same slow-ass movies, gas and traffic data that Garmin and others have been rocking for over a year. No word on size of the wide touchscreen display. There's a PND-K3 model without MSN direct.
The Good stuff: Actually,… »12/31/07 11:23am12/31/07 11:23am

Toshiba and Alpine Pimp Your Ride with HD DVD and Smart Touch Screen

I'm not sure why you'd want HD DVD in your car, but just in case, Toshiba and Alpine have created this car-friendly duo, which brings HD DVD straight to your dashboard. The player is accompanied by Toshiba's touchscreen, which has the brains to sense when your finger's shadow is hovering above the panel (that way you… »5/25/07 4:10pm5/25/07 4:10pm