Alton Brown shows you how to make your own delicious peanut butter

Why make your own? Because it'll taste better than any store bought chunky or creamy crap you buy from the store and it's not that hard to do yourself! Or at least, not that hard for an Alton Brown recipe. Just fry peanuts with peanut oil in a wok, let them cool down and then throw them in a food processor. He has his… »5/21/14 10:41pm5/21/14 10:41pm

How to make a truly grilled grilled cheese sandwich

Grilled cheese sandwiches are usually a simple slapping combination of bread and cheese but the result is never as delicious as you imagine. Alton Brown has another way to make a grilled cheese sandwich that is truly grilled and looks absolutely fantastic. Watch him walk you through the process. He's pretty much… »5/14/14 9:21pm5/14/14 9:21pm

Food Network's Alton Brown Talks to Giz: Caribbean Adventuring With a Garmin, an iPhone and a Shload of Cameras

Tomorrow night at 10PM, Food Network »9/06/08 10:00am9/06/08 10:00am kicks off , where the Mensa-smart kitchen geek and his crew hop into two 50-foot catamarans and sail around 15 different Caribbean islands in search of quality cuisine, shooting and editing the hi-def episodes right there on the boats. It turns out, despite his disdain for…