Apple's New Aluminum Keyboard Features Built-In Anti-Caps Lock Bias

If you picked up a wired version of Apple's new thin aluminum keyboard you may have noticed that the caps lock function is all but useless. Only a good long press of the key will activate the function, and if you so much as breathe on it, caps lock disengages. So, is Apple spearheading an anti-caps lock campaign?… »10/05/07 8:20pm10/05/07 8:20pm


Certain Aluminum Apple Keyboard Function Keys Not Working For You?

If you recently purchased one of those new slim aluminum Apple keyboards, you might have noticed that a couple of the fancy function keys on top (where the F-keys are) didn't work. Namely, the F3 and F4 keys, which activate the Exposé and the Dashboard functions. Even using OS X's built-in keyboard shortcut remapping… »8/22/07 12:28pm8/22/07 12:28pm