Always Innovating Touch Book Now Has Working Accelerometer and Sticks…

We liked Always Innovating's half tablet, half netbook when we saw it, but now the Touch Book has a working accelerometer and a finger-friendly Linux user interface. Oh and it sticks to a fridge door even when you open it. » 8/26/09 2:58pm 8/26/09 2:58pm

Always Innovating Half-Netbook, Half-Tablet Ships In July, Still $300

Always Innovating has hit on something very interesting with its Touch Book tablet, a sparingly-spec'd touchscreen device with a detachable keyboard, embedded Linux OS and impressively low $300 price. But, oh god, they said it'd ship by now! Don't worry. » 6/25/09 9:40am 6/25/09 9:40am