Samsung Made the World's Best Smartphone Display Even Better

If there’s one thing Samsung is good at—its displays. Those OLED panes of glass that are our pocket-friendly window into the internet keep improving with every generation. Even though Samsung didn’t pack in more pixels this year, the new Note 5 and S6 Edge+ displays are the best yet. »8/18/15 11:00am8/18/15 11:00am


How Not to Be Wrong When You're Talking About Smartphone Displays

A lot of amazing engineering and design goes into making your smartphone. And smartphone displays are one of the most important parts — they're your window onto the internet, and the world. But the technical terms we use to describe them can be pretty confusing. Here's how to sound like you know what you're talking… »1/27/15 3:10pm1/27/15 3:10pm