HTC Amaze 4G Review: A Rock Solid Shooter

The day that cheap point-and-shoot cameras will be completely redundant and obsolete is coming, and the HTC Amaze 4G would like to help them toward extinction. Does it succeed, and is it any good as a phone? Let's find out. » 11/12/11 2:00pm 11/12/11 2:00pm

iPhone 4S Test Notes: Data Speed (It's Slow)

The iPhone 4S is here. One of new, not-so-visible features? A re-spiffed antenna, and stuffed inside the AT&T 4S, new guts that (should) mean faster data speeds. But theoretical max speeds are not real world experiences. So which iPhone is the fastest: AT&T, Sprint or Verizon? And how does the 4S stack up against the… » 10/14/11 9:00pm 10/14/11 9:00pm

Why Are T-Mobile's Galaxy S II and Amaze 4G So Damn Expensive?

T-Mobile is finally giving us the dirty details on their Galaxy S II, and they've got a couple of other surprises, too, including the shutterbuggy HTC Amaze 4G, and some 4G HotSpot goodness. » 9/26/11 2:45pm 9/26/11 2:45pm