Wow, scientists reveal a new moon forming on the edge of Saturn's rings

For the first time in history, scientists are witnessing the formation of a new moon in our solar system. NASA's Cassini spacecraft has detected a new moon forming in the edge of Saturn's rings. Astronomers around the world are amazed about this incredible find, which they have named Peggy.* » 4/15/14 12:20pm Yesterday 12:20pm

Watching these two old women fly for the first time is pure gold

One of the things I hate about today's world is that we take everything for granted. We communicate through light and electricity, fly in metal vehicles, and listen to music recorded decades ago through airwaves—yet everyone is like "whatever." Which is why I love this video of two old women flying for the first time. » 4/11/14 8:00pm Friday 8:00pm

Believe it or not, these four squares move at the same constant speed

These four squares appear to move at different speeds, stopping and moving, waiting for each other in pairs. In reality, they are always moving at exactly the same constant speed. Seriously. I opened the GIF in Photoshop and used guides to measure it—in every frame, the squares align perfectly. » 4/07/14 8:41pm 4/07/14 8:41pm

Watch this girl draw a shockingly perfect picture of the Ellen selfie

Man, talent is talented. Watch fantastic artist Heather Rooney draw an amazingly photorealistic picture of the famous Ellen Oscars selfie. You know the one with a billion celebrities that got retweeted a billion times. All she used was Prismacolor colored pencils to turn a blank sheet of paper into what looks exactly… » 3/13/14 9:02pm 3/13/14 9:02pm

Stunning photos taken by the two Russian daredevils atop Shanghai Tower

Check out these incredible photos taken by Vadim Makhorov and Vitaliy Raskalov, the two Russian daredevils who climbed the second tallest building in the world—the 2132-foot Shanghai Tower. The contrast of the lighted clouds and the sleek towers make it look like a snap from a futuristic Earth. I guess we are living in … » 2/14/14 11:25pm 2/14/14 11:25pm

Dying grandmother's mystery code cracked by the internet after 20 years

Ask MetaFilter member JannaK presented the community with a puzzle that had been troubling her family for nearly 20 years. Her grandmother died in 1996 from cancer and in her last days she scribbled down a seemingly non-sensical string of characters on index cards. Nobody knew what it all meant. Then the Metafilter… » 1/22/14 8:06pm 1/22/14 8:06pm

Amazing video of a six-barreled Minigun firing in super-slow motion

When the six-barreled electrically-powered Dillon Aero M134D Minigun fires, you can only see a terrifying blurry vomit of death coming out of it. In super-slow motion, however, this lethal machine looks fascinating. Especially when it's only destroying an old car from a helicopter. » 1/06/14 7:12pm 1/06/14 7:12pm

The definitive collection of secret Nazi weapons

Underwater missiles that could have hit New York, jet-powered bombers that were nearly impossible to intercept, sub-orbital bombers, vertical launch rocket fighters, or infrared visors are just a few of many in this definitive collection of incredible Nazi weapons. Be happy that those bastards never got to mass produce … » 12/18/13 3:30pm 12/18/13 3:30pm

Watch the amazing change when this woman with cerebral palsy smokes pot

Jacqueline Patterson was born with cerebral palsy, a congenital disorder that affects her motor functions. As a result of her condition, she suffers from a severe stutter and major pain and weakness on her right side. This video showcases the amazing effect of cannabis on her condition. » 12/09/13 1:05am 12/09/13 1:05am

Incredible video of the magic morphing table that lets you touch things

Remember the morphing table that can replicate your body and movements in real time? It's name is inForm. Daniel Leithinger—from the Tangible Group at MIT Medialab—just told Sploid about their first official video. This thing is so damn awesome. » 11/12/13 4:01pm 11/12/13 4:01pm

How a Lost Boy Used Google Earth to Find His Way Home After 25 Years

Last year, we heard the amazing story of Saroo Brierley, the Indian "lost child" who used Google Earth to find his way home after 25 years. This stirring video produced by Google features Brierley telling the story in his own words. It's pretty crushing. » 10/16/13 9:30am 10/16/13 9:30am