Mom Arrested for Posting Pic of Badass Bong-Smoking Baby to Facebook

That right there is a picture of Rachel Stieringer's baby taking some wicked bong rips. She was arrested for posting the picture on Facebook. » 8/17/10 4:20pm 8/17/10 4:20pm

Swords: The Original Gadgets

You might think you can't live without your phone and laptop, but back when men were men and things made sense, a big fucking sword was all you needed. These days, however, swords are strictly for weirdos. [ColdSteel via Geekologie] » 5/06/10 7:20pm 5/06/10 7:20pm

Old Person Hovercrafts Are the Wave of the Future

Here's something we can all get behind: levitating chairs for the elderly that scoot around like bumper cars. There is no way this can go badly. » 2/23/10 4:40pm 2/23/10 4:40pm

Rebel Shark That Plays By His Own Rules Jumps Onto Waterslide, Lives…

A very steep water slide? Pretty scary. The same water slide, but with a shark coming down it right behind you? Yeah, that takes things to the next level. » 12/19/08 1:00pm 12/19/08 1:00pm