Amazon's Prepping a "Kindle Unlimited" Subscription Service For Books

Amazon is testing an ebook rental service called "Kindle Unlimited," as GigaOm pointed out today. The e-commerce company put up test pages for the service, which will offer "unlimited access to 600,000 titles." Users would pay $10 a month for access to the online lending library. The question is: Will they? » 7/16/14 10:29am 7/16/14 10:29am

Amazon Is Baiting Hachette Authors With 100 Percent Profits

Amazon and publishing company Hachette remain in negotiations after a very public brawl over ebook pricing, and Amazon's pulling out some down and dirty trick to win its battle, including jacking up Hachette book prices. Amazon's latest gambit is more carrot than stick: Amazon executive David Naggar sent a letter to a… » 7/08/14 3:34pm 7/08/14 3:34pm

The Books Everyone Starts and No One Finishes, According to Amazon

Picking up a book is gratifying: look at me, not reading dumb listicles on the internet! Finishing a book, however, is a challenge. Which of this summer's top-selling books have the highest reader attrition? Dr. Jordan Ellenberg has a semi-scientific way to find out, using buyer-generated info from Amazon to identify… » 7/06/14 4:00pm 7/06/14 4:00pm

Mount Your Smartphone in Your Car On the Cheap with Today's Gold Box

While nobody condones sending a Yo or Snapchat while you drive, keeping your phone visible in the car is important if you use it for GPS or for audio playback. iOttie makes some of the best dash mounts in the business, and Amazon has put a ton of them on sale, today only. » 7/03/14 8:46am 7/03/14 8:46am

The FAA Will Not Allow Delivery Drones (For Now)

In a document seeking feedback on new drone policies, the FAA indicated that it does not want unmanned aircraft "delivering packages to people for a fee." Even if a company doesn't collect a fee—as Amazon has proposed—drone deliveries count as commercial activity, the agency says. And that's against the rules. (… » 6/24/14 2:40pm 6/24/14 2:40pm

How Amazon's Fire Phone Cameras Know Where Your Face Is Even at Night

The Amazon Fire Phone's Dynamic Perspective—the famed "3D effect"—works almost as if by magic. As you look at the phone and move it around, the Fire Phone watches you back, and changes what you see. It's not voodoo, though. It's crazy camera tech. Here's a closer look at how it works, even in the dark. » 6/19/14 11:04am 6/19/14 11:04am