Why is Amazon Making an Android App Store?

Judging by the leaked terms and conditions, Amazon plans to swagger into the Android world with an alternative app download store, fists a-whirling. Are they building it to co-exist with Android's Market...or for an Android-powered SuperKindle? » 10/01/10 10:00am 10/01/10 10:00am

Amazon's T&Cs Leak Out for Android App Store

A mere day after news first broke of Amazon's app store for Android, and their terms and conditions have been leaked to SlashGear. Importantly, they back-up what TechCrunch had heard previously about mirrored updates between apps on different platforms. While the T&Cs haven't been copied below in full, you can see… » 9/29/10 10:58am 9/29/10 10:58am