Amazon is Now Trying to Get Licensing Deals With Record Labels

From thinking they don't need licensing deals, to "aggressively courting" the big record labels, Amazon's change of heart on the Cloud Player storing/streaming issue will likely cost them dear. After all, it's not like the labels will be responding nicely to their calls, after effectively setting up a streaming… » 3/31/11 4:20am 3/31/11 4:20am

Could Amazon's Cloud Player Be Illegal?

Amazon may argue that functionally, their Cloud Drive service is the same as storing media on an external hard drive, but question marks hover over their Cloud Player, which streams those tracks from the cloud. In the eyes of Sony Music—and possibly more record labels—this Cloud Player requires Amazon to sign extra… » 3/30/11 5:20am 3/30/11 5:20am