Amazon Is Releasing Two New 7-Inch Kindle Fires But No iPad-Sized One

It's long been rumored—ever since the first Kindle Fire was released really—that Amazon was making a 10-inch, iPad-sized version of the Kindle Fire. According to CNET, that's going to stay a rumor because though Amazon is planning to release TWO new Kindle Fires, they BOTH will be 7-inch versions. » 8/31/12 5:05pm 8/31/12 5:05pm

Nook Tablet vs. Kindle Fire: The Differences Add Up

We've just gotten a look Barnes and Noble's new 7-inch Nook Tablet, and surprise! It's very similar to Amazon's Kindle Fire. But the differences that do exist—in specs, price, and usability—are telling. Here's how it all breaks down. » 11/07/11 1:03pm 11/07/11 1:03pm

Rumor: The Kindle Fire Is Only a "Stopgap" Before the Real Amazon Tablet?

Ryan Block at gdgt has word via his sources that the Amazon Kindle Firethe device that can truly go toe-to-toe with the iPad—isn't the tablet they're putting their faith in. The real new hotness will be the second-gen Fire. And it's coming soon. » 9/27/11 1:31pm 9/27/11 1:31pm

Rumor: Amazon's New Tablet Will Be the Kindle Fire

After TechCrunch's MG Siegler gave his initial glowing impressions of Amazon's heretofore-unnamed tablet, we were understandably excited. A true iPad competitor. Now, with Amazon's unveil just days away, new details have started trickling out. Including a new name: the Kindle Fire. » 9/26/11 5:02pm 9/26/11 5:02pm