What Is the Laziest Thing You've Ever Ordered From Amazon?

Amazon Prime might be getting a tad pricier, but the truth is that it's still an incredible deal. I would keep it just for the free two-day shipping, even if it didn't come with all of those nifty extras like a huge streaming video collection. Why? Because I am the laziest human alive. » 3/23/14 4:00pm 3/23/14 4:00pm

Today's Your Last Chance to Get Amazon Prime for $79

If you've been on the fence about joining Amazon Prime (and you really shouldn't be!), today's your last chance to sign up for a new account without paying an extra $20 for your first year. » 3/19/14 9:15am 3/19/14 9:15am

Get Another Year of Amazon Prime for $79, Even as a Current Subscriber

Amazon today announced that the annual price of Amazon Prime will increase from $79 to $99 next month, and though it's still arguably the best deal in tech, it'd be nice to get one more year at the old price. » 3/13/14 7:16pm 3/13/14 7:16pm

TV Streaming Head-to-Head: Netflix vs Hulu vs Amazon Prime

One of the more annoying things about Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon's television streaming libraries is the vast difference between the selection available. It would be almost impossible to get a thorough idea of who has the better library without searching for hundreds of TV shows on each service and comparing them… » 3/04/14 4:43pm 3/04/14 4:43pm

The Best Deals And Gear This Week: Pre-Black Friday Edition, New Deals

Sorry about the sheer verticality of this post, but we've got a ton of deals to remind you about from this week, along with a list of new ones that could have headlined our regular deal roundups. Please also take this opportunity to follow us on Twitter, as we really want to be able to ping you quickly with deals over … » 11/24/13 3:55pm 11/24/13 3:55pm

Start A Free Trial Of Amazon Prime Today, Have It For Holiday Shopping

The Commerce Team recommends Amazon Prime to both readers and friends more than any other subscription service, and if you start a free trial today, you'll have it through Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and all your holiday shopping. Act now because Amazon's early Black Friday discounts start tomorrow. » 11/23/13 3:45pm 11/23/13 3:45pm

Prime Members Can Watch Instant Videos Offline on New Kindles

If you thought Jeff Bezos' foray into the world of media past would distract him from moving forward with his more modern, web-based ventures, think again. Amazon has just announced that its new line of Kindle Fire HDX tablets will let users download Prime Instant Videos for free(!) offline viewing—something no other… » 9/25/13 9:23am 9/25/13 9:23am

Amazon Prime just added hundreds of Miramax titles in its instant video library, including award winners like Good Will Hunting and The English Patient, as well as cult favorites like Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Trainspotting and Reservoir Dogs. It's a good get for the streaming service, especially after having lost so… » 7/10/13 2:20pm 7/10/13 2:20pm

The 16 Best Movies Disappearing From Amazon Prime Tomorrow

Not all of us turn to Netflix for our streaming fix; there are plenty of Amazon Prime members out there who lean on Instant Video instead. And if you're one of them, you might want to fill up your Watchlist with these classics. They'll be gone come Monday. And come to think of it, most of them aren't on Netflix,… » 6/29/13 4:52pm 6/29/13 4:52pm