Amazon "Simple" TextBuyIt Text-Message Shopping Sounds Complicated says its TextBuyIt system for buying merch via text message is "incredibly simple and convenient" but it actually entails a few steps. Weirder still, Amazon says the process happens "using only text messages," which is just blatantly untrue. Here's the rundown of the process—which in its defense can be used… »4/02/08 11:50am4/02/08 11:50am

Amazon vs. Wal-Mart: MP3 Store Showdown Before iTunes Final Battle

Click to viewNow that EMI and Universal have seen the light and started offering music in DRM-free MP3 format—and according to well-founded rumors, Sony and Warner are also exploring a DRM-free launch in 2008—online music stores finally have the means to get iPod-friendly and take on iTunes. As you know, iTunes only… »12/07/07 1:00pm12/07/07 1:00pm

Amazon's MP3s Contain Watermarks, But Not the Privacy-Invading Variety's new MP3 store watermarks its MP3s, but only with information stating where the songs were purchased, not who did the purchasing, according to the online uberstore. That's the good news. The bad news is that this issue has inspired me to ramble about the stupidity of the whole idea of watermarking tracks… »9/26/07 2:15pm9/26/07 2:15pm