Amazon Employee Blames the French For The AmazonFail Glitch That…

An Amazon employee tells the Seattle PI that the glitchnot hacker—which de-listed LGBT books en masse as adult content was caused by a French employee who "filled out a form incorrectly," branded over 50,000 items as "adult." An Amazon spokesman wouldn't confirm the account to the PI. Their initial glitch explanation… » 4/14/09 2:59pm 4/14/09 2:59pm

Amazon Unconvincingly Explains Its Bout of Homophobia Was Just a Glitch

Amazon's now trying to explain that the blacklisting of LGBT books as "adult" titles that aren't ranked or even searchable was just a "glitch" in its sales rankings. Amazon is not a good liar. » 4/13/09 12:40pm 4/13/09 12:40pm