And On The First Day of CeBit, Philips Said, 'Let There Be AmbiLight…

You might think that taking the AmbiLight idea and applying it to speakers is a bit whack. Well, you're wrong. Imagine having 16 million colors illuminating your computer corner, desk or batcave, responding to the sound and vision in your home. Under the AmBX name, these peripherals come in either 2.1 or 5.1 the… » 3/16/07 6:09am 3/16/07 6:09am

Exclusive Video: Philips amBX Gaming Doohickey Shakes Rattles and Rolls

Philips's gave us a tour of their amBX gaming system last night running on Far Cry. It's comprised of some LED driven lights that bathe your room in lights similar to on screen colors, fans that blast you with air when your avatar is sprinting or getting knocked around, rumble pads and a 2.1 audio system that's… » 10/26/06 11:33am 10/26/06 11:33am

Philips Signs THQ For amBX Sensory Gaming

Philips has announced the signing of THQ to take the next step towards their amBX lighting technology. THQ is developing Broken Sword: The Angel of Death which will use the amBX lighting technology. This is just the beginning for Philips plans with amBX. They think they are going to revolutionize the gaming world by… » 8/22/06 3:31pm 8/22/06 3:31pm