7 Ways to Replace Your Wallet with Your Phone

You don't have a Nexus S 4G, or Sprint or the Citi Mastercard required for Google Wallet. But that doesn't you mean you don't wanna live in the future, using your phone to pay for stuff. Here's how to do that right now, no matter what phone you've got. » 9/20/11 2:00pm 9/20/11 2:00pm

Credit Card Companies Are Clamping Down on Medical Marijuana Purchases

If purchasing (medical! honest!) marijuana legally is more your style than swapping bitcoins over the internet, you may need to change credit card companies: Credit.com discovered that despite it being legal in some states, lenders aren't so open-eyed, man. » 6/02/11 8:40am 6/02/11 8:40am

American Express Fashions New Android and iOS App Payment System

An American Express Serve app for both Android and iOS has been created for online purchases, paying bills and even person-to-person payments. The master account holder can create sub-accounts with spending limits—good for children, for example. » 3/28/11 10:29am 3/28/11 10:29am

How to Make Your Credit Card Obey Your Every Desire

Credit cards are great to pay for shiny things and get further in debt. But you can also make their concierge services to obey your every desire, from finding an out-of-stock gadget to a bathtub full of cheese. Here's how. » 5/19/10 9:20am 5/19/10 9:20am

If You Get Screwed By Busted Gear at Circuit City, American Express…

While Consumerist wasn't terribly optimistic about your credit card company helping you out if you bought a shattered HDTV, the HD Guru and a Giz reader note American Express specifically will save your ass. » 2/23/09 11:32pm 2/23/09 11:32pm

American Express My WishList Holiday Super Deals Get December 1st Launch

My WishList is, if you remember from last year » 11/18/08 5:30am 11/18/08 5:30am, American Express's holiday e-shop deals promotion, and we've just learned it'll be launching December 1st this year. Basically American Express has this "holiday e-tail" site where they sell gadgets at crazily bargainous prices, in a kind of "get one if you're lucky…

A Million Rich People's Personal Info Sold for $65 on eBay

I don't know how many times people have to sell other people's personal information on eBay for everyone to learn about security, but apparently it's not enough yet: an ex-employee sold his company-provided computer on the auction site for $65, carrying banking data belonging to more than a million people. The new… » 8/27/08 8:15am 8/27/08 8:15am

American Express My WishList Post-Black-Friday Super Deals Go Live Nov.…

We just got the advance word on the American Express holiday My WishList deals, running from November 27 to December 13. If you recall, Amex sells certain hot products for super cheap in very limited supplies, but you have to go to the site and try to buy it on a certain day (and yes, with an American Express card).… » 11/21/07 12:00am 11/21/07 12:00am

American Express $200 iPhone Price Rebates Coming In

The $200-ish American Express Price Protection for iPhones we told you about a week ago is starting to roll in for a couple readers. American Express is handling this on a case-by-case basis (at least, that's what they've been telling customers), but some people are getting their money back. Couple that with the $100… » 9/14/07 2:20pm 9/14/07 2:20pm

American Express Honoring Price Protection For iPhones

Like we mentioned in our posts yesterday, if you purchased an iPhone on a credit card with a price protection plan, you can call them up and see if they will honor their return policy protection with the iPhone price drop. In our case, we've personally confirmed that American Express is offering the drop. All you have… » 9/07/07 5:15pm 9/07/07 5:15pm

Dealzmodo: 60 Sony Blu-ray Players for $475

American Express has their own version of a Woot-off every year around the Holidays: a bunch of people scrambling to bid on something that's less than half its MSRP. Today they've got the Sony BDP-S1 Blu-ray player for $475. Regular price, $999. » 12/05/06 4:30pm 12/05/06 4:30pm

Flaunt Your Wealth With The AMEX Butterfly Card

It's no Black Card, but it's still something you can whip it out to impress passersby. The American Express Butterfly Card is a standard credit card that's available to members of AMEX's Gold Card members. What makes it so special, what makes our hearts sing, is that it folds in half, letting you store it inside of a… » 6/23/06 4:49pm 6/23/06 4:49pm