Is this week the worst week in American history?

History buffs might not know this already but it seems as if this week—April 14th to April 20th—might be the worst week in American history. Things like President Lincoln being assassinated, the Bay of Pigs invasion, the Columbine shooting, the Virginia Tech school shooting, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Boston… » 4/16/14 12:01am Wednesday 12:01am

New York: A City Documentary to End All City Documentaries

I remember my very first trip to New York City at eight years old in vivid—though brief—detail. A flash of Columbus Circle horns blaring, buildings towering. A pack of baseball cards from a surly street vendor. A seagull on the Circle Line, shitting on my leg. "This city is scary," I thought. "I want to come back." » 10/11/13 10:00pm 10/11/13 10:00pm