Claw Bike Storage From ABC's "American Inventor" Available For Pre-Order

If you caught ABC's "American Inventor" last season you may remember "The Gladiator Claw" bicycle storage device as one of the finalists. Well, the folks behind the Claw have used the startup money earned from the show to turn their idea of a push-button catch and release storage hook into reality. Basically, it is a… » 11/06/08 7:20pm 11/06/08 7:20pm

Car Finder Makes Your Car Dumb Looking and Therefore Easier to Find

Don't you hate it when you go to the megamall for a little shopping excursion only to be unable to locate your car in the multi-acre parking lot? Sure, you could just hit the alarm button on your remote real quick, or even stick a tennis ball on your antenna if it's a recurring problem. But wouldn't you rather slap a… » 7/13/07 3:30pm 7/13/07 3:30pm

Tongue Nub Isn't Going to Replace Toothbrushes Anytime Soon

Toothbrushes, they just need updating. Right? Well, according to yet another delusional contestant on American Inventor, a better solution would be a little nub you stick on the tip of your tongue. You then use your tongue to get your teeth clean, hoping it doesn't come off and get lodged in your throat, giving you a… » 7/13/07 12:45pm 7/13/07 12:45pm

Fancy Lawnmower Doesn't Come with This Guy, Unfortunately

We love the show American Inventor here at the Giz. Not because it pumps out inventions we'd actually want, but because it highlights how insane inventors are. Take a look at this horny grandpa who uses his crazy laugh and saucy ways to get his fancy lawnmower past the committee of "experts" on the show. Keep on… » 7/12/07 3:20pm 7/12/07 3:20pm

Fire Condom will Keep You From Burning Alive if You can See Out of It

Here's another slice of brilliance from American Inventor. This one's a Fire Condom, a big ol' tinfoil tube to put on if your house goes ablaze. I don't know how well you'd be able to navigate a smoke-filled room with this thing on, but I'm no fireman. And since when did tinfoil keep you from burning alive? » 6/22/07 12:53pm 6/22/07 12:53pm