The Weirdest Thing on the Internet Tonight: To Hear Your Banjo Play

Pete Seeger—folk icon, hippie messiah, political and environmental activist, all around national treasure—died late last night at the age of 94. In honor of his innumerable contributions to American culture, here he is in 1946, narrating lan Lomax's documentary on the evolution of folk music. » 1/29/14 12:00am 1/29/14 12:00am

12 Drool-Worthy Photos of Vintage Signs in the Valley

Have you ever been to California? You should try it. Sure there are the beaches and the national parks and the movie stars and the big red bridge. There's also the delightful consequence of near-perfect weather all year round. Stuff just doesn't rust. Even when it rains. » 7/17/13 9:08am 7/17/13 9:08am

Iconic 1960s IBM Wall Clock Gets Resurrected

IBM's standard-issue wall clock was ubiquitous on the walls of schools and offices throughout much of the 20th century. It's a perfect example of everyday design that goes unnoticed yet is imprinted in our cultural memory bank. » 4/27/12 4:40pm 4/27/12 4:40pm