American Express My WishList Holiday Super Deals Get December 1st Launch

My WishList is, if you remember from last year »11/18/08 5:30am11/18/08 5:30am, American Express's holiday e-shop deals promotion, and we've just learned it'll be launching December 1st this year. Basically American Express has this "holiday e-tail" site where they sell gadgets at crazily bargainous prices, in a kind of "get one if you're lucky…

Amex Portable Super Multi Drive Makes Blu-ray Fashionable

If you've been looking for a sleek Bly-ray drive to compliment that overpriced laptop you're running, this Amex looks to fit the bill. Just .6 inches thick, the USB drive burns single layer BD-RE/-R discs at 2X speed and dual layer discs at 1X speed, along with standard DVDs in every shape and color. And it draws… »10/16/08 2:30pm10/16/08 2:30pm

American Express My WishList Post-Black-Friday Super Deals Go Live Nov. 27

We just got the advance word on the American Express holiday My WishList deals, running from November 27 to December 13. If you recall, Amex sells certain hot products for super cheap in very limited supplies, but you have to go to the site and try to buy it on a certain day (and yes, with an American Express card).… »11/21/07 12:00am11/21/07 12:00am

Touch Senses Combo Set: Windows Vista Keyboard with Confusing Name

AMEX Digital just announced their new Touch Senses wireless keyboard for Windows Vista. It's a media button-heavy keyboard that communicates on the 2.4G band up to 20 feet from your computer. Powered by 4 AAA batteries, the Touch Senses only lasts a somewhat disappointing two months before you realize that you never… »3/03/07 12:00pm3/03/07 12:00pm