Watch the Amish build an entire barn in less than 10 hours

You put a group of people together and give them a common goal and magic can happen. Even if that magic, in this case, is just building a barn. It's hypnotic to see the organization in this, like seeing a bunch of worker ants swarm together with one mind. » 9/04/14 11:14pm 9/04/14 11:14pm

In this week's Landscape Reads, we learn all about Yellowstone's "Zone of Death," the bitter rivalry of pallet companies (yes, pallet companies), the ultimate cause behind Alaska's Funny River fire, and more. » 5/30/14 6:30pm 5/30/14 6:30pm

Inside an Amish Tech Trade Show

You'd be unlikely to see many Amish folks at CES or MWC or any other technology expo—because, for a start, many of them don't use electricity. But don't feel sorry for them, because they have a trade show all of their own. » 2/22/13 9:01am 2/22/13 9:01am

Devil's Playground: Amish Kids Know How To Party

When you think "Amish" chances are your mind goes to somewhere closer to "straight-laced" than to "party animal." The fascinating 2002 documentary Devil's Playground shows that the two aren't mutual exclusive, and they can both apply to Amish teenagers. » 9/29/12 9:00pm 9/29/12 9:00pm

Impious Amish Man Texts Dick Pics to 12-Year-Old

You'd think that sending dong shots to a tween stranger is a phenomenon for the modern world—and you'd be wrong! The tech-shunning Amish get freaky sometimes, TSG shows, like this gent who violated nearly every applicable moral standard. » 6/22/11 9:31am 6/22/11 9:31am

Amish Woman Dies after Freak Laundry Accident

Well, this is awful. An Indian Amish woman died while doing laundry the old fashioned way—over a flaming pot of boiling water. It appears the flames got out of control, consuming and killing her with burns. Well. » 6/03/11 9:29am 6/03/11 9:29am

NY Times Anoints Ebooks With Their Own Best-Seller List

Starting early next year, the venerable NY Times is going to include ebooks in its weekly literary sales ratings. Taking their place alongside paperbacks and hardcovers, ebooks will be ranked based on a system that it took the Grey Lady two years to perfect: » 11/11/10 11:40am 11/11/10 11:40am

Amish Becoming a Technology Powerhouse

Technology? Amish? What does a guy with a jaw beard named Jebadiah know about technology? As bizarre as it sounds, the Amish are actually a powerful technology sales tool. » 2/12/09 8:40pm 2/12/09 8:40pm

Sony Explains Intel Core 2 Duo with Weird French Elves

Sony's site has an absolutely hilarious page explaining how Intel's Core 2 Duo chip helps you multitask with cartoons featuring two odd, party-hat-wearing elfin caricatures. Read on for my analysis, with the caveat that I speak not a word of Japanese.1. Trying to saw a two-by-four alone looks awfully stressful: our… » 9/27/08 2:45pm 9/27/08 2:45pm

Amish Farmers Fight Government to Battle Bovine Mark of the Beast

Generally, the government doesn't meddle too much in Amish affairs—it doesn't make them educate children after the eighth grade » 9/12/08 6:40pm 9/12/08 6:40pm, for instance, 'cause of the First Amendment and all that. So it's kind of surprising to see many Amish threaten to quit farming in a over lojacking their livestock with the Mark of the…