The International Space Station Is Leaking Ammonia

Earlier today, astronauts on the International Space Station spotted "small white flakes" floating away from the ISS and into space. NASA and the Expedition 35 crew on the ISS have fingered those white flakes as ammonia and that the rate of ammonia leaking from the space station is increasing. Hmm. That can't be… » 5/09/13 8:08pm 5/09/13 8:08pm

NASA Nearly Bombs Australia With 1400lb Ammonia Tank

Jettisoned over a year ago and expected to reenter » 11/05/08 7:39am 11/05/08 7:39am the Earth's atmosphere on its own time somewhere in the beginning of November, one of the ISS's retired coolant tanks has careened through the Earth's atmosphere in the skies off the coast of Australia. Two lucky things happened here: the reentry took place — and this…