Get Your Artifacts Identified Today at the Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History is one of Gizmodo's favorite places in NYC, and today's an especially cool day to visit: it's Identification Day, when you can bring in your fossils, unidentified plants, unknown family heirlooms, or just about anything else old or unusual, and have it identified by museum… »5/10/14 2:50pm5/10/14 2:50pm

Chat With a Paleontologist About Pterosaurs and the AMNH's New Exhibit

The American Museum of Natural History here in New York just kicked off an exhibit about those ancient flying reptiles called pterosaurs. These rulers of the sky happen to be the least understood of prehistoric creatures, so we've got Mark Norell, the curator in charge of the paleontology department at the AMNH and … »5/02/14 10:40am5/02/14 10:40am

How The AMNH Is Using 3D Printing To Copy Dinosaur Bones

You’re a high school science teacher and your class is learning about dinosaurs. You can’t exactly run to the local dino bone barn and buy some bargain bones for them to see first-hand. But what if you had access to a 3D printer? Enter the American Museum of Natural History’s education department, which is… »12/06/13 12:20pm12/06/13 12:20pm

Inside a Lethal Exhibit Dedicated to the Power of Poison

Poison can be a curse, a killer, and even a medicine—an alchemical substance that appears in everything from myth to literature. You might not think of poison as being this multifaceted, but that's exactly what the American Museum of Natural History's new exhibit—The Power of Poison—delightfully urges you to do. »11/15/13 4:20pm11/15/13 4:20pm

The American Museum of Natural History Updated the Lighting in this Wolf Diorama to be Moon-Realistic

The Hall of North American Mammals reopens this month at the American Museum of Natural History in New York CIty, after a pretty thorough restoration effort that involved—among much else—replacing all of the older lighting fixtures with fixtures that are more energy efficient. »10/01/12 7:30pm10/01/12 7:30pm