SEMI FINALS, Logitech AudioStation Express Vs. Griffin Amplifi

There are only three battles left in our iPod Dock Bracket, and we will have a final verdict by the end of the week. Yes, we're amazed, too! For our first semifinals battle, our kings of cheap battle it out for the Cheapo Dock title. In one corner we have the AudioStation Express. In the other, we have the Griffin… » 8/01/07 12:00pm 8/01/07 12:00pm

Sneak Peek at Griffin's Wireless Evolve iPod Speakers

We went rummaging through Griffin's New York HQ yesterday and got some one-on-one time with the sexy new Evolve wireless speaker dock. Here's how it works. You dock your iPod on the Evolve base station and then you can carry the cube-shaped speakers anywhere you want. The speakers last for 10 hours per charge and… » 5/24/07 2:00pm 5/24/07 2:00pm

Griffin Slaps PowerMate on iPod Dock, Pats Selves On Backs

It took Griffin five years to find something good to solder their PowerMate volume knob to, but they've finally settled for an iPod dock. The Amplifi is a 2.1 channel iPod dock/speaker, nothing notable, but this has a PowerMate-knob, a wireless remote, and an all-wood construction. It's got six iPod adapters, some… » 1/06/07 9:19pm 1/06/07 9:19pm

Griffin Cradles Your iPod with AmpliFi and Voyager Speakers

Looks-wise, Griffin's new iPod speakers are impressive. On one hand you have the Amplifi, which reminds us of the SpeckTone dock if Darth Vader were to design one. The $150 AmpliFi has two 2.75-inch speakers along with a 5-inch subwoofer and an auxiliary input for hooking up other players. For those who like taking… » 11/09/06 9:03am 11/09/06 9:03am