Amputee Creates Prosthetic Leg With Lego

Watch Christina Stephens—a practicing occupational therapist and clinical researcher who lost her foot after a crush injury—build herself a working prosthetic leg out of Lego. » 7/01/13 10:47pm 7/01/13 10:47pm

All The Single (Legged) Ladies: If You Like It Then You Should Put a…

Filmmaker Rob Spence, famed for his camera eyeball implant, is looking for an eligible young woman. Who's missing a leg. So he can give her a paintball machine gun. That she will attach to her leg. » 8/26/10 5:03pm 8/26/10 5:03pm

Craigslist Ad By A Horrid Excuse for a Human Being

If you begin anything with "this might seem strange and offensive," then stop. Seriously, just stop. Don't be like this guy who posted on Craigslist searching for a double amputee to be part of his Chewbacca-carrying-C3PO-around Star Wars costume. » 10/23/09 11:40pm 10/23/09 11:40pm

Amputee Engineer Designs, Installs His Own Robotic Arm

After an accidental and tragic arm-lopping, Mark Lesek's early efforts to find a suitable prosthesis didn't really pan out. Lesek, a mechanical engineer by trade, took matters into his own hand(s). He made one. » 2/13/09 5:17am 2/13/09 5:17am

Bluetooth Prosthesis Helps Man Walk, Kick More Ass

The only time we use Bluetooth is to yap about in our cars while we're driving or for transferring photos to and from our computer, but Marine Lance Cpl. Joshua Bleill is using it to help him walk again. The Iraq veteran has dual prosthesis with Bluetooth transmitters on board that sends signals between each motor,… » 1/25/08 2:00pm 1/25/08 2:00pm

Dean Kamen Cyborg Arm

This story has been lighting up the Internet like, hotcakes or whatever, but it's still difficult to find any solid information on the device. Made by Dean Kamen of Segway fame, this artificial arm is capable of delicate tasks such as picking » 3/11/07 3:00pm 3/11/07 3:00pm scratching one's nose or grabbing a pen.