Ok, But Which Device Is Better at Smashing Through Walls?

The DSi shatters and fragments, which is more effective at maiming and disabling a target. On the other hand, the N97 remains whole, for greater penetration through tough surfaces. Both, however, are fun to look at. » 11/04/09 11:18am 11/04/09 11:18am

Hands On with Amusement's RFID Magazine

The ultra-hip French gaming culture magazine Amusement recently published an RFID-loaded special edition. The company was kind enough to ship me a copy to check out. » 5/15/09 2:20pm 5/15/09 2:20pm

Sex Pixels Girls: If Semi-Tasteful Nudes Were Made of LEGO (NSFW)

You could recreate this effect with a $60,000 Lego self-replica...if you were only as perfectly-formed as the ladies from this photoshoot. » 1/12/09 1:20pm 1/12/09 1:20pm

Art: Amusement Mag's Console Sculpture

Giz friend Jean Snow interviews Amusement editor Abdel Bounane for Ping Mag. I like the magazine's unique mix of game coverage with the feel of an art or fashion book. I love the photography. » 12/26/08 10:00pm 12/26/08 10:00pm