FCC Fines Retailers $96,000 For Selling Analog TVs

Radio Shack, HH Gregg, FYE, Fred Meyer Stores, Ultimate Electronics and Boscov's all got smacked with fines totaling almost $100K because they sold analog TVs that were not properly marked with a warning sticker saying that they would basically stop receiving signal (at least, not without a cable box or other kind of… » 10/23/07 10:57am 10/23/07 10:57am

Uncle Sam Starts Subsidizing Antique TVs Jan. 1

Uncle Sam is handing out up to $80 a household to go toward the signal conversion boxes your grandparents need to keep watching Heroes on their clunky analog TV after the move to all-digital broadcasting in Feb. 2009. Each coupon is worth $40, while the converters run about $50 a pop. If they have more than one TV… » 3/13/07 11:15am 3/13/07 11:15am