Digimech Clock Does Digital the Old-Fashioned Mechanical Way

The Di Grisogono Meccanica mechano-digital watch is indeed amazing, but I'm almost as impressed with Duncan Shotton's Digimech clock (maybe it's because it looks like I could afford it). The UK designer has crafted another take on mechanical-digital timepieces, with sliding black-patterned bars that comprise the… » 6/25/08 6:54am 6/25/08 6:54am

First Watch with All-Mechanical "Digital" Display (Verdict: Absolutely…

Looking at this limited-edition Di Grisogono Meccanica DG, you probably think it's a hybrid mechanical-digital watch. Well, chaps, you're wrong. Despite its appearance, the Meccanica DG is completely analog, comprising of 651 pieces and absolutely no digital parts or LEDs whatsoever. Video and pics after the jump. » 4/10/08 5:15am 4/10/08 5:15am

Fossil Analog/Digital Goes Both Ways

This bi-chronical watch from Fossil has a hard time explaining exactly what it is it does to its parents thanks to its dual analog and digital face. The left side is analog, reading numbers in a vertical configuration, whereas the main chunk of the rest of the face has two hands and tells time in an analog fashion.… » 7/14/07 2:00pm 7/14/07 2:00pm